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Promoting youth's awareness to protect human rights through Model United Nation

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Driving Positive Change in negotiation

United Nations Office (UNO) - A hub of global diplomacy and collaboration for addressing international challenges.
The United Nations Office (UNO): Where nations converge for diplomacy, cooperation, and shaping a better world together.

Model United Nations, or MUN, is a simulation of the United Nations. Through providing platforms for young students to debate and negotiate on global issues, MUN serves as a take-off starting point for younger generations with ambitions to change the world.

Among the various topics in MUN, human rights violations account for an essential part. It encompasses a wide range of injustices, from discrimination and persecution to violence and oppression. These violations not only undermine the fundamental rights and dignity of individuals but can also have a profound impact on their mental well-being.

Mental health is an integral aspect of human rights, and its violation deserves our attention. War, starvation, political persecution, and discrimination...There are so many factors threatening a human's mental health. The widespread occurrence of human rights violations can lead to mental crises, as individuals affected by violence, discrimination, or displacement often experience trauma, anxiety, and depression or even choose to end their lives. Recognizing the intersection between human rights and mental health is essential in addressing the holistic well-being of individuals and communities. Fortunately, some organizations have taken action to change this.

Everyone deserves to be protected from fear. MUN conferences provide a unique platform for young leaders to delve into these complex issues and propose solutions. Through research and preparation, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the human rights challenges faced by different countries. By analyzing the root causes, studying international laws, and considering the perspectives of various stakeholders, MUN delegates develop a nuanced approach to addressing human rights violations and promoting mental well-being.

Effective communication and diplomacy are vital skills honed in MUN. Participants learn to articulate their ideas, negotiate with others, and build consensus to achieve their objectives. When addressing human rights, young leaders learn to communicate sensitively, foster understanding, and advocate for feasible solutions. Every step towards the prosperity of mental well-being is honorable, even if it's only a word, a blog, or an encouraging video. By engaging in constructive dialogues, they develop the ability to navigate complex discussions surrounding human rights, reduce stigma, and promote positive change.

MUN conferences like PIMUN empower youth to become agents of change. By amplifying their voices on human rights issues, young leaders play a significant role in raising awareness, advocating for justice, and driving positive change. MUN cultivates critical thinking, global understanding, and empathy, enabling young leaders to address human rights violations effectively and promote a more just and inclusive world.

Author -Jihang Yao

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