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Empowering Youth Diplomacy

Join us in fostering diplomatic skills through engaging Model United Nations events.

Organizing Educational MUN Conferences Worldwide

At PIMUN, we champion the transformative influence of diplomacy in sculpting a world that transcends boundaries and fosters positive change. Our virtual platform is not just a space; it's a vibrant realm curated to nurture global citizenship, diplomacy, and critical thinking skills among the youth worldwide.


History of PIMUN

Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders through Diplomacy

Founded under the visionary umbrella of Project C Foundation, PIMUN has evolved as a testament to the commitment to education, global awareness, and the transformative power of diplomacy. The inception of PIMUN traces back to a collective desire to create an innovative educational platform that transcends conventional borders, fostering a community of forward-thinking and globally conscious individuals.

Project C Foundation, with its rich history in educational initiatives, laid the groundwork for PIMUN's inception. With a mission to address contemporary challenges through education, Project C envisioned a space where the principles of diplomacy, global citizenship, and critical thinking converge to empower the youth.


At PIMUN, we passionately advocate for the profound impact of diplomacy as a force that goes beyond geographical confines, actively shaping a world characterized by positive transformation. Our virtual platform is more than a mere space; it's a dynamic, thriving realm meticulously designed to cultivate a sense of global citizenship, promote the principles of diplomacy, and enhance critical thinking skills among the global youth community.


As an integral part of Project C Foundation, PIMUN looks forward to a future where education and diplomacy intersect seamlessly. Through this rich history and ongoing commitment, PIMUN remains dedicated to cultivating a generation of leaders who are not only well-versed in global affairs but also driven to create positive change on a global scale

Our Objective

Our Team.

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