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Fostering global cooperation, enhancing research skills, developing diplomacy, interacting with specialists, and promoting cultural exchange to create real-world solutions for global issues. Join us for a meaningful impact on today's challenges.

We can work together to develop real solutions to today's serious concerns.

Join us at PIMUN and become a part of a global movement aimed at making the world a better place.



  • Ensure quality education for all, promoting lifelong learning and inclusivity.

  • Foster peace, justice, and strong institutions for sustainable development.

  • Revive global partnerships, aiming for responsible consumption and climate action.


At PIMUN, we strive to bring people together and nurture their collective development not only as members of the world's largest political entities, but also as individuals. We want to make individuals feel more at ease defending their positions and establishing their ground, while also shedding light on the most pressing global issues and offering a fun experience for everyone engaged.

History of PIMUN


Project C Foundation 

PIMUN stems from Project C Foundation's commitment to holistic well-being - a dedicated organization that places utmost importance on mental health, who’s in the mission to provide comprehensive support and resources for individuals seeking mental health assistance. With a compassionate and holistic approach and wants to create a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can find the care they need.


(Flow Chart for the history BELOW)

Integrating Education and Mental Health for Thriving Individuals

Recognizing the importance of addressing both educational and mental health needs, Project C Foundation sought to create an initiative that combines these aspects. By integrating an educational platform like PIMUN with their focus on mental health, Project C Foundation aims to provide a comprehensive approach to support the overall growth and development of individuals. The belief is that by fostering understanding of global issues and promoting leadership skills through PIMUN, participants can also enhance their mental well-being, as engaging in educational pursuits and expanding knowledge can positively impact mental health. Through this unique combination, Project C Foundation aims to empower individuals to thrive academically, emotionally, and personally.

As a virtual platform, PIMUN offers immersive simulations and engaging conferences that enable participants to develop critical thinking skills, enhance their knowledge of global issues, and cultivate leadership abilities. By embracing the principles of diplomacy and encouraging active participation, PIMUN aims to shape the next generation of informed and empathetic global citizens.

PIMUN Virtual Platform Enhances Leadership and Global Citizenship

PIMUN is a breakthrough virtual platform that fosters global citizenship, diplomacy, and critical thinking abilities among young people all around the world. Participate in realistic simulations of multinational organizations to improve leadership skills and have a positive effect on global concerns.

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